Going to court to resolve a dispute is something very few people want to do, and for good reason.  It is expensive, stressful and unpredictable.  The Law Offices of Sherry K. Myers, LLC will take the time to discuss your legal rights and all of your legal options with you and will give you a fair and honest assessment of the risks versus rewards of litigating your case. Should you decide that litigation is your best option, we will work closely with you to develop a strategy, gather the necessary evidence and present your case to the court strongly and confidently.   

Our Approach to Litigation

At The Law Offices of Sherry K. Myers, LLC, we believe that, in order to ensure the greatest chance for our clients' success, it is critical for the attorney and the client to mesh well and to have a good working relationship.  We work hard to keep our clients well-informed at all stages of the process and to guide our clients through their legal situations in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.  We do that by:


At The Law Offices of Sherry K. Myers, LLC, we delight in providing personal, individualized service to each one of our clients.  Getting to know who our clients are and what their goals are, both for the current litigation and moving forward, is an indispensible part of our ability to develop an effective strategy for each of our clients' cases.    


Strategy is key in litigation.  At The Law Offices of Sherry K. Myers, LLC, we are acutely aware that a case can be won or lost, not only on the substance of the law, but also on legal procedure as well.  That is why, in planning the best strategy for each of our clients' cases, we pay special attention to both the substance of the law and the procedural requirements of both sides of the case. 


Like strategy, attention to detail is paramount in litigating a case.  The Law Offices of Sherry K. Myers, LLC understands that every stage of the case contains essential details that can affect the outcome of the case.  We will remain diligent throughout the representation in order to capitalize on every detail that will increase our clients' chances for success.