Landlord-Tenant matters are governed by state statute and also by the laws governing contracts. For landlords and tenants alike, whether you are dealing with a residential or a commercial matter, The Law Offices of Sherry K. Myers, LLC has the knowledge and experience to protect your rights.  Please contact us today to discuss your specific circumstances in greater detail.


Most of the time, tenants are required to sign a lease in order to rent a property.  What many tenants may not know is that, in addition to a landlord's obligations under the lease, state statutory law requires landlords to fulfill certain obligations to their tenants.  These obligations apply even if you do not have a lease or even if certain provisions are not spelled out in a lease.  

If you believe that your landlord may be discriminating against you, may be violating the lease agreement or may otherwise be violating the landlord-tenant laws of your state, it is extremely important that you speak to us as soon as possible.  You need to be aware of your rights and options, however, it is also important that you understand that, as a tenant, you also have certain obligations under both the lease and state statutory law.    Please contact us today to set up a consultation.


Being a landlord is not an easy undertaking.  Each time your property is vacant, you must spend significant time and effort to ensure you have a suitable new tenant.  Then, even when you are lucky enough to find a good tenant, you are responsible for ensuring that the property stays in good working order and that the tenant has a positive experience as your renter.  Unfortunately, despite a landlord's most diligent efforts, the tenant and the tenancy can be wrought with problems.  These situations can lead to loss of rental income, destruction of your property, and other expenses which can quickly add up when you are trying to rectify a problem tenancy.  To make matters worse, if a landlord is not aware of his/her rights, it can only delay the process and, in some circumstances, prejudice the landlord's own rights.  To be fully informed of your rights and the proper legal process to follow, contact us today.